White Sox fans : It’s OK to be OK

Gone are the daily games of White Sox baseball for 2021. It was the best season White Sox fans got to experience since 2008? If not, 2005. From the surplus of injuries, to the Yerminator, to the Playoffs; White Sox fans got a roller coaster of emotions throughout the season. Now that I’m sitting here in my Bears jersey…I can’t help but feel something is missing.

Since the end of 2020 we all knew the White Sox were going to make the playoffs and would've been disappointed if they didn't. Well, the boys made the playoffs and won the AL Central. But, I still see comments on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter from the all knowing “doomers”. The most common being our 4 game series defeat by the Astros. I don't hold any judgement towards these fans, because they just want to see their team win, and some of those games were hard to watch I’ll admit.

But, there's no need to be upset and I’ll tell you why: the White Sox are built for longevity.

We have our core players under contract for the foreseeable future and all these guys seem to love Chicago (for the time being). This was the first real full season the guys got to play together under TLR; we still made the playoffs and the depth players produced most of the year. After one year of experience with the boys I’m sure our HOF coach will be able to make more calculated decisions that will work in our favor. Our guys seem to get along with TLR and that's all that matters. If a coach wins over his locker room there’s no telling where we can go.

Also, keep in mind our guys are young. Luis Robert still hasn't played a full season, Eloy’s only full season was back in 2019 (his rookie year) and guys like Andrew Vaughn and Gavin Sheets produced, but it was still their first year. Dylan Cease started to show All Star quality towards the second half of the season and Michael Kopech had a rough second half but was lights out the whole first half. There will be growing pains as these guys get experience but who else in the league has such a surplus of young guys with potential to be some of the best in the game?

So what I feel is missing when watching my other sports teams is hope. The Bears are looking like a team about to rebuild and yes there's Fields, but how long until we get some guys around him? The Bulls are looking good but that is still to be determined. But the White Sox are looking like a team that will be great for years to come. If we get some big name free agents that will be even better.

So with that I’ll sit back and watch my Bears try to compete and hope for the best for the Bulls. But in the back of my mind I’m most looking forward to the White Sox, because I know we will be making a push for a ring for years to come.

- X

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