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White Sox 2022 Offseason

78 days ago, we watched as the Houston “Cheating” Astro’s came to Guaranteed Rate Field and beat the White Sox by 9 runs. Some will say the rain postponement killed the Sox momentum, but they were outplayed and out coached by a far more experienced team. I’d be lying if I said I got over that ALDS quickly. It stung and all White Sox fans would agree.

However, being the hopeful person I am, MLB and the Players association will hopefully have a deal in place come spring training. With the hope of this coming true we need to look at the biggest holes that this 2022 Chicago White Sox team has. First the obvious, Second Base and Right Field. With the re-signing of Leury “the Legend” Garcia, the sox have a player that can play both positions. However, he plays his best baseball being a true utility guy and cannot be relied upon to put up the offensive numbers as a consistent everyday player.

Knowing the Sox ownership, we must set certain expectations that they will not spend the big club prices. This will rule out anyone that will attract the same price tag as Carlos Correa. As Rich Hahn said before the league wide shut down the sox were interested in parting ways with Reliever Craig Kimbrel. Hopefully they use this asset to acquire a potential everyday Second baseman or Right outfielder. Options would include New York Mets Jeff McNeil or Jed Lowrie. McNeil is similar to Garcia that he can play several different positions, but with the upgrade the Mets made this year it would not be a surprise for the team to unload a contract. McNeil’s name has been at the top of that list making him an attractive option for both second base and right field. Lowrie however is a free agent and would potentially require a contract in the 8- 10 million a year range. Something the Sox are not afraid of doing after giving Veteran Adam Eaton 7 million last season. If the Sox added McNeil, you could expect McNeil at second and a rotation of Sheets, Vaughn, and Garcia in right field.

Does this separate the Sox? No. But it does solve a hole created by the Kimbrel trade last deadline. Hopefully the MLB’s New Year Resolution makes the fans and players happy enough to sign a Deal. Happy New Years and GO SOX!

-Jack Siff

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