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The Chicago Bulls (25-10) are back at the United Center after a few days off to take on the Washington Wizards (19-19) for the second time in a week as they look for a 9th straight win. Hopefully they don't need another buzzer beater to win it, but the Wizards will be hurting after last time and want revenge. Ahead of the game the Bulls have no fresh injury concerns, Alex Caruso is already out and did enter protocols but he's the only Bulls player in them as it stands.


1st quarter - A close 1st quarter with the Bulls taking an early lead but the Wizards offense staying with them throughout the quarter. Bulls end it with a 37-32 lead and a good quarter from Coby.

  • Coby White: 8 pts

  • Zach LaVine: 7 pts

  • Lonzo Ball: 6 pts

  • Bulls 4/9 from 3

  • Bradley Beal 10pts

  • Daniel Gafford 6 pts

  • Kyle Kuzma 6pts

  • Wizards 3/7 from 3

Coby White continues his good form from the bench for the Bulls. There was also a Jordan Bell sighting for Bulls with an early 2 minutes in the quarter.

Into the second and the Bulls don't start that well as the Wizards at one point go on a 12-2 run and the half finishes Bulls 73, Wizards 66. Highlights of the half go to Coby White (2/2 3s) and Ayo Dosunmu (4/4 FGs, 2/2 3s) who are getting it done from the bench. Dosunmu in particular on both ends. Also Lonzo Ball was quietly getting it done with 12pts, 2 rebs, 2 assts, 2 stls 4/6 3s.



  • Ball 12 pts (4/6 from 3)

  • Dosunmu, LaVine , White 11 pts each

  • DeRozan 9pts (3/4 FTs)

  • Vucevic 8 pts, 7 rebs, 6 assists

  • Bulls have 19 assists and scored 16 points off TOs


  • Dinwiddie 14 pts

  • Beal 12 pts

  • Gafford, Kuzma 10 pts each


Into the second half and the Bulls want to hold on to the lead but a poor start to the third see the Wizards take the lead with 7:35 left. However, the quarter finishes with Bulls up 12 at 107-95 and what a strong finish it was, particularly from Coby White with 8 pts in the last 2 mins. DeRozan was struggling with 11 points that far into the game and might be needed to be the King of the 4th again. Zach LaVine leads Bulls scorers with 23 pts.

4th quarter starts and the Bulls will hope to see this out comfortably rather than needing a big, last second finish we all seem to be accustomed to. But the Bulls certainly take control and it finishes

Bulls 130 -Wizards 122 as the Bulls get to a 9 game winning streak (1st since April 2011) and go 26-10 for the season. Coach Billy Donovan also gets his 300th win as an NBA coach.

Zach Always Finds a Way to Score



  • LaVine: 27p/1r/3a/1s

  • White: 21p/2r/3a

  • Ball: 18p/5r/6a/2s

  • Dosunmu: 18p/5r/4a/3s

  • Vucevic: 16p/14r/7a/4s

  • DeRozan: 15p/5r/8a/1b

  • Bradley: 8p/4r/1a/2b

  • Brown Jr: 5p/1r

  • Jones Jr: 2p/3r/2a

  • Bell: 1r/1s

Final Takeaway

The story of the game has to be Ayo Dosunmu and Coby White getting it done from the bench. A career night for Ayo, who continues to impress, was put on Bradley Beal and he just says "OK" then does it on the offensive end as well. Coby is playing some of his best basketball as of late and he looks right at home and makes it look effortless at times. A bit of an off night for DeRozan scoring wise, but the rest of the team certainly stepped up. The thing with this team is, when one part of their game struggles they still influence it in other ways and a look at DeRozan's stats tonight shows that It's also nice to see the Bulls finish a game looking comfortable again.

Next up are the Mavs in Dallas on Sunday night!

-Matt H (Twitter:@matthearn1)

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