• RM Kamm

The Heat's Not That Hot: Miami vs Chicago

(Miami 40-21 - Chicago 39-22)

One thing that I can personally tell you from being in Florida for the last few weeks is this: the Heat are not that hot. We get it. Technically the Heat are No.1 in the East right now, but guess what, your gang of misfits led by a former Bull are about to walk into the Madhouse, where all bets go out the window.

The Bulls have been warriors through turmoil this season. Injury after injury and we’ve remained a top seed competitor. How? A deeper bench than most and a godsend of a veteran in #11. Do we still have time to regroup our injured before playoffs? We have a little, but what matters most now is putting Miami back in place. On no surface of any known planet should a team that has sat regularly at a 5-6 seed be pressing this much on the Bulls. They have some performers, most certainly, but when one of your main leading points scorers is a little punk like Tyler Herro with 20.2 a game and you’re against one DeMar DeRozan who during his best game last week went 15-21 FG / 71.4 FG% / 2-3 3PT / 66.7 3PT% / 5-7 FT / 71.4 FT% / 6 REB / 3 AST / 37 PTS and one Zach LaVine whose numbers were 9-19 FG / 47.4 FG% / 3-3 3PT / 100.0 3PT % / 7-7 FT / 100.0 FT% / 4 REB / 6 AST / 28 PTS, you are bound to burn on the sidewalk of your own home.

The future indications of this win are blatantly obvious. Are we healthy? No. But if we can take one from the Heat now while we are down significant players then we can send a vibrant message to them for when playoff time comes. The Heat need to be doused and there’s no better way to do that than to beat them short-handed. We need pressure at the start. Ending Saturday’s game plus 30 is classic DeMar, but guess what? Most of his points were generated in the last 24 minutes. We can’t get away with that from Miami. They will run and they will make us pay if we are not careful with the ball early on.

The Madhouse is going to be roaring and I can only hope that the Bulls will do the same. Keys to success: Interruptions. Can we score? Yes. Obviously, but what we need right now, especially rolling off of the Memphis game where the Bulls had over 10 turnovers, are more picks and rebounds. But more importantly, turnovers that equal baskets. We did fine against Memphis but look where it got us? A bad call on DeMar and a fat L to end our winning streak. If we can cause turnovers and capitalize then it’s not going to be another nail-biting-20-second-

remaining-edge-of-your-seat-TV blaring heart attack, it’s going to be graceful margins over victory. And that’s something that all of Chicago needs.

Run on, Chicago!

-RM Kamm (IG: @rmkamm.wrote / Twitter: @RM_Kamm)

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