• Tony A.

The Cubs are a Joke

Hello Cubs fans. Yes, I’m alive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Cubs are.

This entire season has been a complete disaster and I really don’t know what Jed Hoyer was thinking this past off-season. He continuously called this thing a “retool” and not a rebuild but didn’t do anything to make the team significantly better.

Marcus Stroman has been okay at best. Andrelton Simmons was a joke of a signing. And the two players who will be in the 2022 All-Star game haven’t been given extensions. What are we doing if they aren't playing competitive baseball and giving this team the best shot possible to be champions again? It’s honestly ridiculous and I’ve lost all faith in this season. There’s nothing to play for. Sure, Happ and Contreras are All-Stars, but all that does is increase their trade value because there is a 99.99% that they’re both gone at the deadline. Which basically leaves this roster gutted and leaves fans praying that all of the prospects we have now and all the prospects we will gain at the deadline turn out to be a group of good players. Rebuilding is fine I guess, but when you have a chance to secure All-Stars for the next several years and don’t, refuse to spend money as the third biggest market in the country, and refuse to classify this as a rebuild, it’s a problem. There is never a reason for a big market team to fully rebuild, ever. Especially twice in a decade. Spend the money! We know you have it. I’m just upset that it really seems like management is just okay with being complacent. WHY?! Do you not love winning? Do you not want to sell out Wrigley every single game? Who actually wants to go to a Cubs game anymore? I certainly don’t. It’s really infuriating that professional baseball teams don’t hate losing more than they love winning. Like c’mon. And just to clarify this is not at all David Ross’ or the roster’s fault. Could the roster be significantly better? Yes, absolutely. But it’s up to management to put a competitive and acceptable product on the field.

This organization deserves better and this city deserves better. Be better Jed and Tom. Open the wallet and don’t be the laughing stock of the league. It’s disgusting and tiring.

-Tony Anaya (Twitter: @anayaL8TR)

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