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Should The Cubs Pursue Carlos Correa?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

With the Cubs making the surprising move to sign Marcus Stroman to a 3 year/$71 million deal, Jed Hoyer has made it abundantly clear that he and the rest of the front office are not content with sitting around for another off-season. However, the signing, as fun and exciting as it is for Cubs fans, leaves us to wonder the direction the team is heading in for the 2022 season and beyond. Especially with rumors arising that the Cubs are interested in signing Correa and reuniting with 2016 MVP Kris Bryant.

So, the million-dollar question is should the Cubs even attempt to sign Carlos Correa and commit to the years and hundreds of millions of dollars a player like him demands?

(Just sign me bro)

A player of his caliber not only brings attention to the North Side to attract other free agents but also significantly decreases the number of years this team goes through another long and painful rebuild. Correa would be able to slide right in the lineup as we have yet to receive any update on Nick Madrigral’s injury and none of the shortstops in the farm (Christian Hernandez, Ed Howard, and Reginald Preciado) are anywhere near ready for AAA ball, let alone the major leagues. And as Cubs fans remember, the 2021 roster had a bit of a difficult time getting anything going on offense, resulting in a team average .237 BA, 0.312 OBP, and .407 SLG. Carlos Correa, who alone has better numbers than the entire team, provides much-needed energy and skill into this lineup. Correa also helps the defense as he put up 20 Defensive Runs Saved Above Average in the 2021 season, which will be needed with the top 3 pitchers in the Cubs rotation (Kyle Hendricks, Marcus Stroman, and Wade Miley) being reliant on hitters making soft contact and groundballs.

On the other hand, the Cubs are coming off trading away the entire core, minus Wilson Contreras, of the 2016 World Series team, and adding Correa and Stroman doesn’t automatically make this team a serious contender. There are still plenty of holes the front office has to fill, despite all the potential the new and improved farm system shows. The majority of the farm system is still 3 years, minimum, from the major leagues except for maybe Brennan Davis and Brailyn Marquez. And with Corey Seager signing a massive 10 year/$325 million deal with the Texas Rangers, it is expected that Correa will either look for the same amount of money, maybe even more. And with Ricketts not even wanting to extend players Anthony Rizzo and not yet extending Wilson Contreras, one wonders whether ownership is even willing to make such a financial commitment, especially for a team, that at this current moment, is nowhere near making the playoffs, let alone making a playoff run. Which is something that Correa has stated many times to the media that he is looking to join an organization for and unless Jed pitches some sort of masterful plan and everything goes according to that plan, it’d be difficult to attract Correa in the current state of the team, but crazier things have happened.

Cubs fans, it’s been difficult watching the slow destruction of the team that brought so many of our dreams come true, but hopefully the signing of Marcus Stroman and possibly other big-name free agents, most notably Carlos Correa (I’m really praying for that one) indicate brighter days for the club and lead to another championship for the North Side. Go Cubs!

-Tony Anaya (Twitter: @anayaL8TR)

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