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No One Likes Jazz

Updated: Mar 22

Chicago Bulls (41-27) V. Utah Jazz (42-26)

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a fan of this team called the Chicago Bulls, well, really a fan of teams in general and how through a collective group sharing a generalized goal, striving to work towards that goal together, and being there for one another as true companions can enrich our lives beyond any degree imaginable, moreover I recognize I can paint a way for my team to win just about any game. Last week I did not think that portrait to be abstract; turns out it was.

That's right everybody, we lost to the 25-45 Sacramento Kings, and that game did everything short of put a physical hole through my heart. Listen, I'm an empathetic guy, to a fault, so when I see my guys taking an unnecessary L like that... I feel for them. I don't just sit there and accept it and go on about my life like a normal person. I'm a fanatic. I'm dedicated. Frankly, I'm addicted, so losses like that hit hard, and my guy felt very similarly after Monday night's loss: "We've got to start punching these teams in the mouth. We can't take us to be down 20 to play like we know we're supposed to." / " We need to come out playing angry." - LaVine on the

112 - 103 loss to Kings. I'm glad Zach and I are on the same page, but the rest of the team needs to get there, and they need to get there tonight against the Jazz. Zach lead the team last Monday posting up:

36MIN / 8-18FG / 44.4FG% / 2-7 3PT / 28.6FT% / 9-9FT / 100.0FT% / 3REB / 6AST / 1BLK / 27PTS.

I'm glad our team leader is leading and that he is angry, but all I can pray for is his health. Zach is still on day-to-day but is predicted to line up against Utah tonight. And if so, I expect we will see a revenge performance from Flight 8.

Keys to tonight's success are playing mean-fast break-basketball; something Chicago is known for. We often lose when we're caught up early and walk the ball across the court. I get that DeMar is tired, and he and Zach put out serious minutes, but if we push it early instead of playing catch-up, we can give the ball to Daddy DeMar the second half and let him stroll with it all he likes. Utah has faulty ball security, so we need hands tonight, looking at you, Javonte, AC, and Dos. Utah is coming off a 117-111 loss to the Bucks and a W prior against who else, the Sacramento Kings. Their leading scorer last match was Mitchell posting: 40MIN / 10-32FG / 31.3FG% / 5-17 3PT / 29.4FT% / 4-4FT / 100.0FT% / 6REB / 8AST / 29PTS. They have been flip-flopping win-loss the entire month, so if patterns are a thing (they are), we best consider that they are a bounce-back team. We disrupt the sequence tonight.

Horns high Chicago,

RM Kamm (IG: @rmkamm.wrote / Twitter: @RM_Kamm)

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