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NL Standings Predictions

It’s finally here, It’s Opening Day for the 2022 MLB season! Man the air just smells a bit different doesn’t it? Today just feels different, but that could just be the crappy weather. Good luck to everyone going to Wrigley today and tomorrow. But as we await for the games to actually start I’d like to give my season predictions across the NL because that’s where the Cubs are and I really couldn’t care less about anyone else, plus I’d just be tempted to put the Sox in last just for fun. Just the standings though, I’m not smart enough to even make a guess at those and I’d probably just say the Cubs get some magic dust and go 162-0 and sweep everyone in the playoffs. Gosh that’d be fun. But anyways let’s get started.


NL West

  1. Dodgers

  2. Giants

  3. Padres

  4. Rockies

  5. Diamondbacks

Well, that was pretty easy. The Dodgers are just always good man. They have to just be printing their own money after signing Freeman because I don’t have a logical answer as to how they can afford everyone, but yes the Dodgers are once again the best team on paper and will give every single starting pitcher a hard time. And somehow their farm system is always loaded with stud pitchers no one even knows.

The Giants are largely the same great team from last year and added Carlos Rodon. The loss of Gausman will definitely hurt, but if Rodon can do what he did last year and stay healthy for an entire season then he should be able to fill in the gap just fine. Plus Joey Bart could provide some value and there’s possibly a chance that Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt still have some of the magic dust from last season.

The Padres are very weird. Like on paper they should be good, but they weren’t last year and they lost Tatis for a significant amount of time. This upcoming season doesn’t look any better, especially with Tatis gone.

The Rockies suck. They have Kris Bryant. That’s cool I guess.

Diamondbacks suck too.


NL Central

  1. Brewers

  2. Cardinals

  3. Cubs

  4. Reds

  5. Pirates

Man, I hate to admit it but damn the Brewers are scary. The three-headed monster of Burnes, Woodruff and Peralta is absolutely insane and should dominate pretty much everyone in the Central. However, this team goes nowhere without Yelich returning to MVP form and adding more significant bats to the lineup. Brewers are very good at finding nobodies and making them good, but there are too many gaps to get away with that.

The Cardinals have so much potential but pretty much did nothing this off-season. Literally all they need is pitching and this team easily makes it to the World Series. They have one of the best outfields in baseball and have Nolan Arenado and Goldy hitting in the middle of their lineup. Be better.

CUBS FANS! SAY IT WITH ME! WE’RE NOT THE WORST! WE’RE NOT THE WORST! So weird when Tom actually pays a couple players instead of trying to buy a soccer team which means we might actually win some games. Wish that had come sooner but whatever, we have a serviceable team this year. The Cubs finally signed some solid relievers (Thank God). Now, the guys we have won’t win us games, but they certainly won’t lose them. The starting rotation is okay. Grandpa Ross announced the order will start with Hendricks, Steele and Stroman. I’m assuming Miley goes 4 and the 5th spot is a competition between Mills and Alzolay. Now that’s not bad, but why do we only have one guy with a fast fastball. What are we, the 88 mph 4-seam club? Get some velo in there Jed! Suzuki was a stud in Japan and we can only hope he brings it here. I feel he may have been overpaid a bit, but this is just a wait and see situation. We do have Frank the Tank and Patrick Wisdom though so I say there’s a 50/50 shot of placing 3rd and going 162-0.

I mean the Reds still have Jonathan India and Luis Castillo I guess, so that’s cool. You stink. Spend some money instead of tanking.

Pittsburgh bring up O’Neil Cruz you cowards. You guys have Brian Reynolds and Ke’Bryan Hayes, but other than that you stink too.


NL East

  1. Braves

  2. Mets

  3. Phillies

  4. Marlins

  5. Nationals

God the Braves are so good. They won the World Series last year without Ronald Acuna Jr. and Marcell Ozuna and may I add that they replaced Freddie Freeman with Matt freaking Olson. Yeah, this team is going to be just fine.

The Mets man. Why aren't you good every year? You guys have to be cursed or something. Season hasn’t even started and Jacob deGrom and Scherzer are both out. I knew I shouldn’t have taken deGrom in the 2nd round of my fantasy baseball draft, but I think this offense has enough firepower and there is enough depth to keep the team afloat until at least Scherzer comes back. And if deGrom comes back soon then this team will be dangerous, but not as dangerous as Atlanta.

The Phillies will have an amazing offense, as they always do. While the order falls off after the 6th man in the lineup, they’re still going to score 100 runs a game. However, their defense is so bad that they’ll also give up 99 runs a game. Plus there is 0 pitching depth. If either Wheeler or Nola goes down, it’s game over.

The Marlins are a very nice up and coming team and added great bats in Avisail Garcia and Jorge Soler. Their starting rotation is lethal and will only continue to get better as they get older. Props to the Marlins. Their division just happens to be one of the most competitive in the sport.

The Nationals have Juan Soto and Nelson Cruz and that’s about it. They stink. Keibert Ruiz is pretty exciting though.

-Tony Anaya (Twitter: @anayaL8TR)

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