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Happy Anthony Rizzo Anniversary

On January 6, 2012, the Chicago Cubs traded for Anthony Rizzo and RHP Zach Cates from the San Diego Padres for RHP Andrew Cashner and Kyung-Min Na. Talk about highway robbery! Anthony Rizzo has essentially spent his entire career with the Cubs, he played 49 games for San Diego and 49 games with the Yankees, and boy what a career it’s been. Rizzo joined the club in the dark ages and was a major part of bringing the Cubs to prominence.

In the decade Rizzo spent with the Cubs, he put up a .272 BA, .372 OBP, .489 SLG, and a .861 OPS. On top of those stats Rizzo was awarded 4 gold gloves and finished top 10 in the MVP voting 4 times, 2 of those times being in the top 4. Rizzo was the definition of consistency during his tenure with the Cubs and was the best 1B in Chicago, sorry not sorry Jose Abreu. And most importantly he helped bring the Cubs a world series!

The Chicago Cubs won a championship. The same loveable loser Chicago Cubs. The same cursed Chicago Cubs won a championship and Anthony Rizzo helped deliver it to the North Side

(Pure happiness)

It’s not an understatement to say Rizzo helped thousands of dreams come true. Thousands of grown men and women waited the majority of their lives to see their beloved Cubs win. Thousands of people like me who’ve only ever wanted the team they love so dearly raise the trophy above their heads and watch the banner be raised in the outfield. To show people like me, who probably love baseball a little too much and try to find the deepest meanings in the simplest of things, to hold on to hope just a little bit longer, and to keep moving forward. That is what the Chicago Cubs mean to me, and that is what Anthony Rizzo meant to me. And to that, I say Happy Anniversary Anthony Rizzo. Thank you for everything you’ve done. 44 Forever.

-The kid whose dreams you made come true, Tony Anaya (Twitter: @anayaL8TR)

(P.S. Tom Ricketts, get this guy a statue already. It’s overdue.)

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