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Say Hey kids! It’s your lovely mumbling, drunk uncle, Nicky Chicago KO, back at ya to talk about the Cubbies. The Baby Bears, ironically, the question is, is it gonna be that kinda year? OR, OR, is it gonna shock the world? WOOOOOOOOOOO, WHOOOOOOOOO!

Exactly; WHO? Who are these guys? And I LOVE IT!!! Now I get it. If you’re reading this, you probably know more about the Cubbies’ roster than I do. Please refer to my self-introduction. I’ve been in hibernation and high since the Bears last game where they knelt 3 times and kicked a field goal. Anyway… The Cubs are what we are going to talk about here and for the entire season hang out with your drunk uncle, Nicky Chicago KO… Who’s our first baseman? Is Heyward still here and did Fukudome come back?! YES to all that. No seriously, if you can’t tell, I’m excited. You probably can’t tell because I haven’t said anything yet. Remember…. drunk and mumbling… I did hear we have the most expensive tickets in the Majors!!! YIKES. But you can get tickets to the home games for cheap so don’t fret. You just gotta go with the scalpers and haggle. They are the worst hagglers in the league and you can break them. Trust me on that, I do it all the time. Remember you’re a Cubbies fan and you got the resolve to accomplish anything. And maybe our Cubbies got that same resolve! I’m still on the fence about our beloved Grandpa Rossy. I need him to physically fight an ump before I can get behind him, but that’s just me.

Who’s our first baseman? Is it that Swindle guy? Cause he was awesome last year no? I don’t remember much. So, I’m sorry. I’m here for the entertainment, not the stats. Wisdom and my namesake NICO are back too right? I don’t know if I love those guys yet, but I like them… And hey, I love the Suzuki signing, back when I was sober 20 years ago I used to love that Ichiro stud, so if this guy is half as good we got it made!!! I’ll be watching. I also loved Fukudome and even painted him for an opening day art show at a restaurant on the North side, called Feed The Beast, you can check it out on my website www.nicknickers.com. It’s on wood and sushi menus from the Wrigleyville neighborhood. They probably aren’t in business anymore, but we are! We’re back in business baby! Go Cubs!

This Thursday is Opening day and it’s gonna be cold af and may get rained out but it’s still gonna be a party so get down there to do it up and show your support for a team of players nobody REALLY knows. But hey, did anyone know who the 2003 Florida Marlins were??? Huh, huh? YEAH. Let’s think about it like that. They won it all and they beat us and we were a much better ball club. But that was a wacky, WACKY series. That may have been when I started drinking. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the Cubbies this year, because we are definitely underdogs and I love that. Nobody expects anything from this team but we may shock some people. That’s what I think. WHOA! I just remembered I gotta bartend at the Mercury Theater on Southport for Winnie the Pooh show on Thursday so maybe I’ll go down and party it up for Opening Day before my shift. So I can get shifty HAHA! I’ll be wearing a Blackhawks jersey with AGNIESZKA 37 on it and an Iowa Cubbies hat. Wait, shit, who’s our closer? Please get back to me here on all this. Interact with me if you read me all the way. Talk back to me. I want to hear from you guys. I’m here for that. No stats… Just some facts and some fun and the stuff that’s in between the lines, literally and not so literally… So come and join me for the ride this season. You’ll find out about me and the Cubbies here at Crack One Media.(I hope that’s right)

Ironic. Idiotic. Iconic. It’ll never be the same. Bringing you all the mystic of not knowing what the f@#$ I’m talking about. But maybe I got a nugget in here somewhere… It’s gonna be a great season boys. I can feel it. You heard it here first and I want to hear from you. So let me know if you made it this far… And let’s see how far we can GO CUBS GO!!! I’m looking forward to hearing that sound all year long…



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