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Chicago is a basketball town now.

Updated: Mar 22

How long until we as a city decide to erect a statue of Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley? Obviously the Bulls haven't won anything yet under this new front office but it's starting to feel a lot like the 90's and the Rose/Thibs era around here.

I, like many Bulls fans across the nation, wanted nothing more than for the GarPax front office to be done with and Karnisovas came in and agreed with us. He fired Gar Foreman and kept John Paxson as a 'Senior Advisor' on basically his first day of becoming Executive VP of Basketball Operations/Franchise Savior. As much as we wanted both of these fuckers nowhere near the organization, it still is nice to know that Paxson is basically a guy with very little say within it

and that's just because the Reinsdorfs feel bad for him. Fast forward a bit and AK hires Marc Eversley as GM, formerly the 76ers VP of player personnel, and it basically started coming together after that.

To give a brief recap of the following events: AKME bid farewll to Jim Boylen, hires Billy Donovan. Acquires Vucevic, Javonte Green, Tony Brown mid-season. Acquires DeMar Derozan, Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso and then drafts Ayo Dosunmu. Almost every single move AKME has made has had an immediate positive effect on the '21-'22 season and we're only 8 games in. While a small sample size of this current line-up, it's safe to say that Bulls basketball is back and here to stay with the chemistry shown on the court from DeBallZach and co. They've man-handled the Pistons and Pelicans, had great comeback wins against the Raptors and Celtics and had comebacks fall short against the Knicks and 76ers but man were they close games there at the end. This team does not quit and those close games show that.

As they prepare to take on the Sixers at home this time, I can't help but

to get excited and hopeful about the long term success of this team. I'm already predicting a playoff run and I don't think it's too early to say at all. Sure, Pat Will is basically gonna miss the regular season and who knows what to expect out of this Bench Mob 2.0 (Coby is coming back soon though), all I know is as long as Zach takes over games when he needs to, DeMar keeps hitting those mid range shots and Caruso continues being the GOAT bald guy on the team I think the city of Chicago should expect the Bulls to be the talk of the town at least until the WhiteSox play their next meaningful game. Or maybe the Bears and Fields surprise us with a playoff run but I'm placing my bet on the Bulls for the foreseeable future.



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