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Chicago Blackhawks VS Nashville Predators Recap

Since this is my first Chicago Blackhawks blog for Big Leagues Chicago, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Myles DiFilippo, you can call me D-Flip, and I am about as big a Blackhawks fan as anyone can be. I even have a tattoo with their alternate logo, feathers, and years they won the cup to prove it, so……….. get on my level!

I grew up in Rogers Park, Chicago, and started watching hockey when I was 10 years old, my dad turned to me and said: “the Chicago hockey team made the playoffs this year, maybe we should watch some of that.” As they took to the ice for the 2010 playoffs I was instantly hooked by the classic series versus the Predators. Now, I know what you all are probably thinking “Ahh Fuck this guy he’s just a fair-weather fan!” but that’s where I remind you of my tattoo, and I would like to think that after watching every game for the last 6ish years has disqualified me from that.

Anyway, enough about my die-hard fandom, let’s get to the actual Blackhawks coverage.

Sunday night was my first Blackhawks game in about 2 years since the pandemic started, and little did I know when I first bought the tickets that this would be the first game of a new Blackhawks regime, under new head coach Derek King. It made for a fun game to be at with: up and down action, basically zero lackluster moments from the Hawks, and Derek “Kinger” King got his first win as an NHL Head Coach!

Three players I thought were most noticeable, from my 300-level seat, were:

  • “Dacher” (Kirby Dach) - This guy is becoming more consistent, and noticeably so, night in and night out. He may not get on the score sheet every night but he uses his body to his advantage and throws it around to create offense with his skill. He had a couple big hits laid on him, but he got up every time displaying a tremendous amount of resilience. I have to think that Dacher is the type of guy who is going to be a fan favorite.

  • “Kuby” (Dominik Kubalik) - Kuby got a lot of ice time with the powerplay and he was thrown in the mix with Kane and Toews for a couple of shifts too. I think he and Toews always play well together. He’s also been throwing the body around a fair amount which is really great to see. And I have to mention his drive to the net in the first period which resulted in a one-handed shot on goal that almost trickled past Saros. Definitely need more of that North-South attitude as Edzo always says. It was very Brandon Saad-esque.

  • “Haggs” (Brandon Hagel) - This man seems to have an endless motor, just always working his butt off. I love hard working hockey players and it’s something we’ve been lacking since the dynasty days. Always fun to see a guy like Haggs get on the score sheet, as he did in the second period from a bank shot from the big D-man, Seth Jones. Sad to see him go down in that 3rd period, but hopefully it’s not that serious!

and I have to give honorable mentions to:

  • “Lanks” (Kevin Lankinen)

  • “Kaner” (Patrick Kane), who is always one of the most consistent players night after night.

Overall, a very fun game to witness after a 2-year hiatus. The boys turned in a 60-minute effort. It ended with a scintillating 3rd period and with about 40 seconds added on for the 3v3 overtime that ended in a Cat-Kane-Cat conversion!

Hopefully my intense feelings for this city and team translated into a quality blog post for you guys. Next game is Tuesday night versus the Pittsburgh Penguins where I kind of hope Lankinen gets the start again, but I am assuming Flower will probably get the crease. Glad to get the Dub, hope there are more to come!!

- D-Flip

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