Bulls Outdone by Magic

Pre Game

The Chicago Bulls (28-16) are in Orlando to take on the Magic (8-39). Magic have the worst record in the league, but that doesn't mean this is a gimme for the Bulls. After the last game in Milwaukee, Bulls got the news that Alex Caruso will be out 6-8 weeks with a fractured wrist, further adding to their already big injury list.


1st Quarter - A scrappy start, but Bulls take a 10-2 lead, only for the Magic to go on a 10-0 run and take the lead from the Bulls. Coby White seems to have carried on his form from the Bucks game as he continues to throw bricks from 3 early on. The quarter ends with the Magic on top 23-19.


  • DeRozan 10pts

  • White 7pts

  • Vucevic 2pts

  • 0/6 from 3

  • 7 Turnovers


  • M Wagner 11pts (off the bench)

  • F Wagner 6pts

  • 2/6 from 3

2nd Quarter - Bulls need to be better, every where. And they're not. If anything they got worse as the game went along. Heads have dropped already (Bulls 18-30 Magic). End of the third quarter sees the Magic with a comfortable lead at 55-37.


  • DeRozan 20 pts

  • White 10pts

  • Vucevic 5pts

  • 1/9 from 3

  • 12 TOs and ZERO bench points


  • M Wagner 15pts

  • F Wagner, Carter, Okeke 8pts

  • 7/15 from 3


3rd Quarter - This has been shocking so far from the Bulls. No excuses (even with injuries etc), they have to be better than what they're showing right now. The injured players aren't the ones missing buckets and turning it over. Bulls improve slightly but just can't keep any momentum against this young, hungry Magic team and they end the third trailing 85-74. They did outscore the Magic for the first quarter this game 37-32.


  • DeRozan 26pts

  • White 18pts

  • Vucevic 13pts

  • 5/18 from 3


  • M Wagner 18pts

  • F Wagner, Carter 12pts

  • 11/22 from 3

4th Quarter - The Bulls really need to step up, but it just feels like a done deal already. They start the 4th like they're still on the bench and DeMar DeRozan seems like the only one still trying. The Bulls lose their second in a row 114-95, failing to break 100 points again as well. Bulls lose to a team with the NBA's worst record.


  • DeRozan 41 points

  • White 22 points

  • Vucevic 4-19 FGs, 5 TOs

  • Bulls 22 TOs; 10 assists

Final Takeaway

Probably the Bulls worst loss of the season (due to the Magic's record). Yes they're shorthanded, but the performance was just shocking against the team with the worst record in the league. If it wasn't for DeMar DeRozan (season high 41 points) then this is an even more shocking loss. But the defense was just bad, coupled with early turnovers and the lack of bench scoring it cost the Bulls tonight. The Bulls are hoping to have Zach LaVine and Javonte Green available for tomorrow in OKC and they are needed right now.

NEXT UP: Bulls go again tomorrow in OKC

-Matt H (Twitter:@matthearn1)

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