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Bulls March to Philly After Tough Weekend

My grandfather once told me as I was riding in the back of his red Lincoln that the term ‘Folks’ needn’t ever be pluralized because ‘Folk’ is already plural. I realized then there are things that we go on mindlessly doing and saying each day of our lives that are fundamentally wrong. The Bulls are 2-14 against teams with a .600 or better record, currently sit 4th place in the Eastern Conference, and are on a 4-game losing streak. That is fundamentally wrong.

Well, Folk, we were just put through the wringer this weekend; there is absolutely no doubt about that. If you start your weekend on Thursdays, as some are wanting to do, then this past weekend we fell 130-124 to the Atlanta Hawks, 118-112 to the Milwaukee Bucks, and on Sunday, the two teams that currently sandwich us in the Eastern Conference standings, the Bucks and the Celtics, both came through with victories further cutting off our oxygen supply and making an already threatening matchup tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers ever more threatening. The Bulls will be between a Mountain and a Beard tonight as Joel is averaging 29.5PPG / 11.2REB / 4.4AST giving him a player efficiency rating of 31.39, which is only 43rd in the league. Harden is averaging 22.9PTS / 7.9REB / 10.3AST, giving him a player efficiency rating of 22.03, which puts him 19th in the league. Looking at the PER rating alone, one might ask themselves... why? Why is Joel Embiid favored for MVP this season? To be honest with you, I have absolutely zero idea as to why; it is entirely beyond fathoming. His play is boring, unstylistic; half of his points are pathetic penalty shots that he takes because the 7-foot tall center was looked at weird, and it hurt his feelings, so he wrote a heartfelt letter from the combination of his sweat and forced tears to the nearest official... I just can’t; I just can’t with this enormous elephantine adult baby. He’s boring to watch, and he’s unbefitting of the title of MVP. Full stop.

Harden, on the other hand, is playing exceptionally well, and we can chalk that up to playing with the fire of a scorned ex since he was cut from the Nets a handful of games ago. Luckily, they did just take an L to the Heat the other day, even though it would’ve been splendid if, by some miracle, both those teams found a way to lose to each other for the Bull’s sake. Still,

hopefully, that loss breaks the “undefeatable” mindset they’ve championed since the acquisition of Harden in the late-season trade.

How do we win tonight? Don’t so much as breathe near Joel Embiid, or we’ll never hear the end of it, and he’ll have 20PTS all in FT. Oust Harden’s flame and lock him down with someone fast and hungry like Dos plus be quick to double team, and as far as the future goes? Pray these men return to the court A.S.A.P: Lonzo Ball OUT(knee) Patrick Williams OUT(wrist) Alex Caruso OUT(wrist).

Horns High, Chicago,

-RM Kamm (IG: @rmkamm.wrote / Twitter: @RM_Kamm)

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