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Bulls: Maintaining Momentum in Sacramento

Updated: Mar 22

Chicago Bulls (41-26) V. Sacramento Kings (24-45)

Well, Bulls Fans, we've made some significant strides recently; one inestimably important one was the acquisition of a recently fully healed Alex Caruso, and, man, did he ever make his return heard.

After nearly missing a dish from Dosunmu that would've been an absolute HAMMER of a first basket back he shortly posted up for a major corner three that made the Madhouse on Madison crumble. He then when on to put up the following full stat breakdown: 29 MIN / 4-8 FG / 50.0 FG% / 1-2 3PT / 50.0 FT% / 2-2 FT / 100.0 FT% / 1 REB / 4 AST / 1 BLK / 4 STL / 4 PF / 1 TO/ 11 PTS.

Not a bad return to the stage by any means. Combining that with Vooch's 34 MINS / 9-19 FG / 47.4 FG% / 2-5 3PT / 40.0 3PT% / 20 PTS and DeMar's 40 MINS / 9-26 FG / 34.6 PG% / 0-3 3PT / 0.0 3PT% / 7-7 FT / 100.0 FT% / 25 PTS you can see how we bested The Cavs (just ignore DeMar's FG% please).

Notes going into tonight and keys to success:

Tonight is a winnable game. There is no doubt about that Sacramento is a terrible team, and no one cares about them, and their best player is De'Aaron Fox averaging 23 points a game; they're on a four-game losing streak, and that's all there is to that. We have to roll through Sacramento like they're a desert breeze, and we're the monsoon. We will receive a lot of pressure for having to shift the lines again due to LaVine (my guy) likely sitting tonight's game if we don't. I do not think that fundamentally it will unravel us enough to lose to such a lousy team. Still, we must be careful and show the league how strong our bench is and the confidence that we have in our depth restructuring lines when resting critical players like Zach. No one expects us to lose, and I understand that, but we need to obliterate their entire existence, not just barely limp along like the Sixers did last night against the Magic (those lucky...). Taking this W and extending our win streak to three games on the first night of our Western excursion in what is easily the most winnable game of the entire trip is paramount.

Following that, we need another first-half defensive performance from Ayo Dosunmo. Dos wrapped up Garland the entire first half of the last match-up, downright embarrassing him and making him cower into the locker room 2 for 15 at half. He returned and flipped the script, but it still shows Ayo's improvement and malleability. When we need him to get buckets, he gets buckets. When we need him to increase his drive awareness, his passing prowess increases. Now that we need him on defense, he is causing turnovers and nagging stellar players like Darius Garland. Everyone knows the Bulls get buckets, but we need to continue to shape our defensive propensity, and we'll be unstoppable.

Horns high Chicago,

-RM Kamm (IG: @rmkamm.wrote / Twitter: @RM_Kamm)

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