The Chicago Bulls (32-18) are North of the border in Toronto to face the Raptors (26-23) in an empty Scotiabank Arena. Before the game it was announced that Zach LaVine (2x) and Fred Van Vleet would be AllStars. LaVine was also questionable for this game with back spasms.


1st Quarter - It seems the Bulls are coming out with the 'we'll outscore you' mentality once again as they're not showing much defence to start. They luckily end the quarter not down by much with a score of 26-24 Raptors.


  • Vooch 5pts

  • LaVine 5pts

  • 4players 3pts


  • Van Vleet 7pts

  • Siakam 6pts

  • Anunoby 5pts

2nd Quarter - Bulls come out hot with a White 3 pointer to start and even though the Raptors get an 11pt lead, the Bulls finish with an 11-4 run to keep the game close. It ends 54-50 Raptors and the Bulls need to show up on defense in the next half or this will be a long game for them.


  • Vooch 12pt, 10rebs

  • DeRozan, White 8pts

  • Green, Dosunmu 7pts


  • Siakam 15pts

  • Boucher 8pts

  • 3x 7pts

  • 32 points in the paint


3rd Quarter - Bulls will be hoping to be more accomplished on offence but a lot of good looks were not falling so far. The 3rd starts off well for the Bulls as they retake the the lead but a few turnovers and Bulls start to collapse (again). It stays close but the Raptors maintain the lead and win the quarter (33-31) with score of 87-81.


  • Vooch 22pts

  • DeRozan 14pts

  • White 13pts


  • Siakam 17pts

  • VanVleet 16pts

  • Boucher 14pts

4th Quarter - Bulls need to come out big, need some rebounds and need to stop the turnovers. Vooch has been playing well so far and a crazy 4th finishes with some huge plays, especially from Vooch. We're going to OT with a score of 114-114 after the Bulls win the quarter 33-27.


  • Vooch 30pts

  • DeRozan 24pts


  • Siakam 23pts

  • VanVleet 21pts


Raptors start with back-to-back 3's from Anunoby on either side of a DeRozan 2. And with some silly turnovers in the last minute and leaving Trent Jr wide open for a 3 kills it off. Bulls are embarrassed in OT, losing the quarter 13-6. Bulls lose 127-120.



  • Vucevic 30 points, 18 rebounds, 4 assists

  • DeRozan 28 points, 7 assists

  • LaVine 15 points, 7 assists

  • Dosunmu 11 points, 8 assists, two crucial TOs late

  • White 16 points off bench


  • Siakam 25 points, 13 rebounds

  • Anunoby 21pts

  • VanVleet 21pts

Final Takeaway

The game was there to be won for the Bulls despite it not looking that way all game. The lack of depth and size seems to cost them again as it seemed they were bullied in the paint all night, but the Raps come hot from 3 when it mattered. Bulls 1st overtime game of the season and it saw Ayo Dosunmu look like a rookie, with 2 turnovers at a costly time. Tough 1 to take especially with the Bulls upcoming schedule.

NEXT UP: Bulls go again tomorrow in Indy against the Pacers.

Player Of The Game

Quite an easy one tonight, the honors go to Nikola Vucevic. Vooch had himself a game tonight as he came up big on both ends and nearly won it at the end for the Bulls. He was certainly missed when off the court as the Raptors bigs just destroyed Bulls all night. He finished with a slash of 30pts/18reb/4ast/1stl/1blk.

-Matt H (Twitter:@matthearn1)

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