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Bulls Head to Deer Country

The short-handed Bulls (28-15) look to take on Big Giannis and the Bucks (28-19). The Bulls finally broke their 4-game skid after taking out the Cavs the other night. A game that was undoubtedly a must-win to end the hate and criticism that we can't take on any of the top 5 in the East, but also because the last time we met the Cavaliers we fell to them 115-92. A statement win right now against a very healthy and organized-looking Bucks team would be outstanding for silencing some naysayers as to whether the Bull's climb to the top of the East was simply a fluke. Tonight we have a chance to shut some mouths, but we must do so without our team leader Zach LaVine and one of our top performers, Lonzo Ball (Ball opted to undergo surgery on his knee and will be out for an expected 6-8 week stretch).

The good news:

  • A.C. is back, and it couldn't be at a more necessary time.

  • Coby has stepped up and continues to remain reliable and consistent.

  • Vooch is on a tear as well and must continue to be a strong force for us in the wake of injuries.

Good-guys standouts from last game:

  • DeRozan (14-24 FG / 58.3 FG% / 30 PTS)

  • Vucevic (11-21 FG / 52.4 FG% / 24PTS)

  • Dosunmu (7-8 FG / 87.5 FG% / 18 PTS)

  • White (5-11 FG / 45.5 FG% / 16 PTS)

Bad-guys standouts from last game:

  • Antetokounmpo (12-25 FG / 48.0 FG% / 33 PTS)

  • Middleton (10-18 FG / 55.6 FG% / 27 PTS)

  • Portis (6-12 FG / 50.0 FG% / 14 PTS)

  • Hill (5-7 FG / FG% 71.4 / PTS 14)

Individually Deebo needs to keep the team captain hat on and lead. Vooch needs to play heavy in the paint; I don't want to see poor little Matt Thomas in there getting any more rebounds. Dos needs to keep doing what he's doing, he is an EVOLVING force, and he is not messing around taking his time to emerge. And Coby needs to keep playing like he wants to stay a Bull, which he has been, and I think he will do tonight.

What's interesting about both team's leader boards? They add up to the exact same number. Go ahead, check my math, but I can tell you that if all those top players show up this evening we are in for a brawl. Chicago sports has been heart-attack city for a long time, and I don't see that stopping tonight up in Deer Country where the only thing I fear is our wounded herd. Come back soon Flight 8 and heal well Zo. Venison is on the menu tonight, boys!

Run-On Chicago,

-R.M. Kamm (IG: @rmkamm.wrote / Twitter: @RM_Kamm)

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