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Bulls Charging for 8th Straight Win

Orlando Magic (7-30) at Chicago Bulls (24-10)

Man, Chicago, does it feel good to be on top! Not since the years of the Windy City Assassin have the Bulls been on a tear like this, and in preparation for tonight’s game at the United Center, we take a look at some points of illumination.

One bright headline is that Chicago’s emergent point guard Lonzo Ball makes his anticipated return. Coming off of some solid performances before he entered into Covid protocol against Houston (FG 6-12 50.0%/3PT 4-9 44.4% / REB 5 / AST 8 / PTS 19) and L.A. (FG 7-15 46.7% / 3PT 3-9 33.3% / REB 4 / AST 4 / PTS 19) the Bulls are looking forward to having ‘Zo’ return to reestablish some defensive prowess and through up a few from beyond the arc.

Another player to pay attention to that has been executing well as of late is ‘Subzero’ himself, Mr. Coby White. There has been increasing talk as the season goes on as to speculative trades involving Coby in the efforts to pick up a big-wig and establish a win-now scenario. Though, quite frankly, the win-now framework may be right in front of our eyes if #0 can maintain his consistency.

Granted, these last two wins literally wouldn’t have happened without DeMar DeRozan setting an NBA HISTORY RECORD by draining two of the most dirty, ugly, but beautiful three-point-buzzer-beaters in back-to-back wins against the Indiana Pacers and the Washington Wizards on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. (I mean... those shots looked like two bulldogs left out in the yard too long, so weathered and rough you can't help but love ‘em!) Combined with his spot in the Top 5 for overall points this season at 26.6 and being named Eastern Conference player of the week today, that should earn him a stake as a serious contender for MVP this season.

Still, a lot of what helped us seal those W’s was Coby’s sound production. He’s coming off of a season-high 38 MINS shooting FG 7-14 50.0% / 3PT 4-8 50.0% / FT 2-2 100.0% / PTS 20, and prior to that 33 MINS shooting FG 7-11 63.6% / 3PT 6-7 85.7 % / FT 4-5 80.0% PTS 24. Numbers like that shouldn't readily be traded, and if ‘Subzero’ keeps it up, he deserves to keep his spot running with the herd.

Shoutout to my guy ‘Flight 8’ for having the most 20+ point games this season (LaVine currently sits with Curry and Durant at 28 games) and, oh, right, for statistically being the best shooting guard in the NBA this season! He sits at 26.3 PPG / 5.1 RPG / 4.4 APG / FG 50.0% 3PT FG 42.0%.

Tonight, we’re going to miss Cook, Green, and 'CaruShow,' but the Bulls Armada is nearly reunified, and by god, when we're fully operational, are we something to fear. See you there, Bullies!

Run-on Chicago,

-RM Kamm (IG: @rmkamm.wrote / Twitter: @RM_Kamm)

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