The Bulls (13-7) came into this game at the United Center having beaten the Magic the previous night, where as the Heat (12-7) haven't played since losing to the Timberwolves on Wednesday night. Both teams sported their City edition uni's for the game and obviously the Bulls won that competition.

At the start of the 1st quarter the Heat jump to a 4-0 lead before the Bulls seem to realise that the game is on. As the quarter progresses both teams exchange missed shots and some generally sloppy play as shown by the Bulls turnovers that the Heat capitalised on and eventually taking a 9 point lead. One highlight of the quarter was the monster poster dunk/and 1 by none other than Alex Caruso. Other than that nothing too notable from the Bulls as they finish the quarter with 7 TOs and down 27-20.

Onto the second and the theme continues: the Bulls are turning the ball over far too much. At times it looks like it's the first time they've played together! Not knowing where to pass, no one wanting to take the shot which ends up eating time off the shot clock and forcing a play or a bad shot.

The Heat capitalise from these mistakes with shots made beyond the 3 point line but the Bulls answer back and finish the half with 5 made 3's to the Heats 4. Throughout the quarter the Bulls get within 4 and then a steal late from Lonzo Ball leads to a breakout play involving Caruso finishing with a nice layup on the assist from Ball.

The Heat lead at the half 49-46 but the story is that of the Bulls turnovers, 12 compared to the Heats 5. Neither team has a player in double figures through the 1st half. Bulls are doing what they can to stay this close to the Heat.

You get the feeling that if the Bulls can cut the turnovers and start dropping the buckets that Heat may drop off and we see another comeback like we have all season.

The 3rd started well for the Bulls with Javonte Green getting to the line, but a 10-3 run from Heat extends their lead. Duncan Robinson is found wide open for 3s and keeps the Bulls just out of reach of the lead. But the Bulls return the favour going on a 13-5 run lead by DeMar DeRozan, who only had 6 points at half time, finishing the quarter with 20. Bulls eventually taking the lead 9 minutes into the quarter thanks to some great defence and the quarter ends with the Bulls up 74-72.

A tense 4th quarter is ahead in what's been a close and exciting game thus far.

And it starts with some excitement as Dedmon gets ejected for kicking a chair that ends up in the crowd! The Bulls end up with their biggest lead but it also kickstarts a Heat run of 14-5 with 3s being the shot of choice for the Heat while the Bulls go cold from distance. Zach LaVine finally manages to drop a step back 3 after a poor start, missing 9 of 12 shots, and seemingly sparks a mini revival from the Bulls but Lowry and Vincent just can't miss and drop a 3 on basically every possession for the Heat. A foul on a 3 by Vooch just sums this game up for him and the Bulls as the Heat go up 7 with 3 minutes left to play. Bulls continue to miss crucial 3s as the quarter draws to a close and they ultimately left themselves with too much to do and lose 107-104.

It just never seemed to be the Bulls night.

The Heat always seemed in control and didn't panic when behind. Coupled with the Bulls missing too many 3's and too many turnovers which cost them in the end.

Next up for the Bulls are the Charlotte Hornets which will see Lonzo and LaMelo battle it out in front of the UC crowd for the first time since Lonzo joined the Bulls.

-Matt H. (Twitter:@matthearn1)

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