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Bulls Brace for Back-to-Back Division Games

Here we are again, Chicago, the top! But the Bulls must be cautious as we edge towards the middle of January for two reasons. Mainly, one, our glorious 9 game win streak has come to an end; two, Big Bad Brooklyn is still on our tail.

There is no doubt that the Bulls sitting at 26-11 are looking pretty sound nearing midseason, but assuredly we may be just a little out of breath after a 9 game win streak and entering into back-to-back division games against the Detroit Pistons (9-30) and the Brooklyn Nets (25-14). Now don't get me wrong, I'm well aware we've beaten the Pistons both meetings during the first bought of the season, and we did so while holding them to under 90 points each game. That all looks well and good, but remember, Chicago, never count out the underdog. It's no surprise that the latter of these two games holds significantly more weight than the former,

but you know what that tends to do to an athlete's mind? It puts them in a situation where more often than not, one might think with that slight dip in a perceived threat, "Well, we got this," "It's just Detroit." Well, I am aware this would be a ridiculous upset; bear in mind Detroit did just beat the Bucks last week (115-106), the Magic (97-92), and the Jazz yesterday (126-116), making them 3 out of 5 in the last 5 games. A couple of those teams are pretty damn good, and considering we have been on a long run and have a huge game tomorrow... just don't lay down is all I'm saying!

If we survive our bounce-back game tonight, that puts us restarting the W counter at 1-0 as we take on the Nets at where better than THE MADHOUSE. (Lucky enough to say I'll be in attendance due to a little help from my friends). And what does that game present us with? The last crusader Mr. Anit-vaxxer himself, Kyrie Irving. Everyone knows by this point that due to his stance that vaccinations will grow him another limb (or whatever Jiminy Cricket theory is rolling around in his head), he will only be playing Away games for the rest of the season due to New York's strict vaccination policies.

Kyrie's been shooting (FG 9-17 / FG%52.9 / 3PT 0-2 / 3PT% 0.0 / FT 4-4 / FT% 100.0 / PTS 22) and

(FG 9-21 / FG% 42.9 / 3PT 3-8 / 3PT % 37.5 / FT 1-1 / FT % 100.0 / PTS 22) which is certainly not bad, but guess what? He hasn't played the Bulls yet so when Dos and Zo get a piece of him, and his tweaked ankle comes into play, we should see a drop in performance.

All in all, if we don't lay off the throttle too much tonight against Detroit and we maintain tomorrow against Brooklyn, we should be solid going into a tough stretch coming up against some great teams, including the Bucks and the Warriors. Run-on and hold the horns high, Chicago!

-RM Kamm

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