Bulls (ALMOST) Blow it Again

The Chicago Bulls (29-17) take on the Toronto Raptors (23-22) at the United Center. The biggest news is Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan are back together and looking for another game of 20+ points each. For the Raptors, All-Star elect guard Fred Van Vleet sits out this game. Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields is courtside to watch tonight as well.


1st Quarter - Bulls start with a 9-0 run and the Raptors are unable to score for over 2 minutes. Bulls keep it going for most of the 1st keeping the Raptors at distance. Bulls end the quarter with the lead at 31-27. DeRozan, LaVine and Vucevic combined for 23 points on 9-11 FGs and added 8 assists as the Bulls shot 66.7% that quarter.


  • DeRozan 10pts

  • LaVine 7pts

  • Vucevic 6pts


  • Trent Jr 11pts

  • Anunoby 5pts

  • 4 players 2pts

2nd Quarter - Bulls will look to get back to extending their lead after having a 14pt lead at one point in the 1st. Raptors tie it though after 2 minutes and continue with a 19-5 run. Bulls extend the lead back to 11 with 3 minutes left and end the quarter with a comfortable lead at 67-50. They end up winning the quarter as well 36-23.


  • DeRozan 21 pts, 4 assists

  • LaVine 14 pts, 7 rebs, 6 assists

  • Vucevic 10 pts, 10 rebs, 6 assists

  • Bulls shot 62.2% with 22 assists


  • Trent Jr. 14 pts

  • Anunoby 12pts

  • Barnes 6pts


3rd Quarter - Got to hope the break doesn't ruin the Bulls momentum after extending to a 17pt lead to finish the half. Bulls led by 19 at one point but then have a 4 minute scoring drought allowing the Raptors back to within 5 of the lead. Too close for comfort as the Bulls maintain the lead at the end of the 3rd 91-82, but lose the quarter 33-24.


  • DeMar DeRozan: 25 pts, 4 reb, 5 ast

  • Zach LaVine: 19 pts, 7 reb, 7 ast

  • Nikola Vucevic: 14 pts, 11 reb, 7 ast


  • Trent Jr 30pts

  • Anunoby 19pts

  • Barnes 12pts

4th Quarter - Bulls need to put this to bed early as the Raptors just won't go away, we don't want another OKC game here. Bulls offence seems to have disappeared again as the Raptors are back to within a point with 4 minutes left. Raptors take the lead with 3 left, exactly what the Bulls didn't want. Vooch comes in clutch as he hits a huge 3 with 14 seconds left gives Bulls a 6 point lead and we can all sigh a breath of relief. Bulls finish off the Raptors 111-105 even with losing the quarter 23-20.



  • DeRozan: 29p/7r/7a

  • LaVine: 23p/8r/8a/1s

  • Vucevic: 17p/15r/8a

  • Green: 12p/6r/1a

  • White: 9p/1r/1a/1b

  • TBJ: 8p/3r/2a

  • Dosunmu: 7p/2r/4a/1s

  • Cook: 3p/2r

  • Thomas: 3p/1r/1a


  • Trent Jr 32pts (ejected)

  • Anunoby 23pts

  • Barnes 16pts

Final Takeaway

Bulls certainly make it interesting and "fun" and for the most part the Bulls look like they're capable of winning the chip. Then all of a sudden we're back to our previous regime and can't score or defend and it's not a good look or good for our health as fans. The big 3 of LaVine, DeRozan and Vucevic stuff the stat sheet as you'd expect, but Javonte Green once again adds the energy and hustle coming up with big plays when needed on both ends. Vooch coming up big at the end as his only 3 pointer falls and the Bulls move to 30-17 for the season and face another one of DeRozan's old teams in the San Antonio Spurs on Friday.

Player Of The Game

For me Javonte Green (12pts, 6r, 1a) takes this games POTG. It's not all about stats (obviously they help), but Javonte gets it done. I'm a fan of the underdog and he's just that. His hustle and his energy are massive for the Bulls and I don't think they win this or the OKC game without him. His rebounding ability has been massive for us plus he dunks for fun.

-Matt H (Twitter:@matthearn1)

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