Bulls 2nd Half Collapse AGAIN Proves Costly

The Chicago Bulls (30-17) are in Texas to take on the San Antonio Spurs (18-31) as they look to win 3 on the bounce. DeMar DeRozan got a tribute video before tip off on his return to SA. Hopefully there's no collapse today as I don't think I can take that again. The 1.30 am tip here in the UK has nearly done me in before we start.


1st Quarter - Both teams getting good looks in the 1st and both seem to be taking them as it seems like both teams decided not to play D this game. Coby White (last 4 games, he was 3/27 on 3s) certainly found his shot from somewhere, coming off the bench to drop 3 deep 3s. Bulls have a solid lead at the end of the quarter 35-29.


  • Coby 9pts

  • Vooch 8pts

  • 4/9 3s


  • Johnson 7pts

  • McDermott 5pts

  • 3/7 3s

2nd Quarter - Bulls will look to keep up some of their momentum but also get some stops on the other end. The 2nd quarter is pretty much the same as the 1st, end to end looks like an All-Star game with not much effort on D from either team. But the Bulls put up enough offense to keep the lead into the half 68-63.


  • Deebo 17pts

  • Coby 15pts 6-6 FGs

  • Vooch 10pts

  • 4/13 3s


  • Johnson 12pts

  • McDermott 11pts

  • Murray 10pts

  • 7/20 3s


3rd Quarter - Bulls will be hoping they don't have a collapse on offence. If they do, they'll end up blown out as they haven't gotten into a rhythm on the defensive side. An early 3 from Zach LaVine ties him with Scottie Pippen for 3's made on the Bulls with 664. But following the recent trend, Bulls come out sluggish and Spurs have the lead after just 4 minutes into the 3rd. With such a poor quarter from the Bulls they end up losing the lead, 98-91, as they get outscored 35-23.


  • Deebo 23pts

  • Zach 20pts

  • Coby 15pts

  • 5/22 3s


  • Murray 20pts

  • Johnson 17pts

  • Poeltl 12pts

  • 14/32 3s

4th Quarter - The Bulls need to sort themselves out, conceding far too many 3s and looking lost on offence and especially defense. Spurs start the 4th with a 3 and it's starting to look bad for the Bulls. They need to rediscover their scoring as they find themselves down double digits midway through the 4th. They do get within 2 but Vooch misses a 3 and with a lack of defensive play they're back down 7. A foul on the 3 from Vooch gives the Spurs momentum back and they never seem to recover after that. The Bulls end up losing after a terrible second half 131-122.



  • Deebo: 32p/6r/8a

  • Zach: 30p/4r/4a/1b

  • Vooch: 18p/8r/4a/2s

  • Coby: 18p/2r/1a

  • Dos: 10p/6r/3a/2s

  • Woo: 8p/2r/2a/1s/1b

  • TBJ: 4p/7r

  • 8/30 3s


  • Murray 29pts

  • Johnson 23pts

  • Poeltl 21pts

  • 16/37 3s

Final Takeaway

Bulls once again collapse in the 2nd half as their defence was poor all night but especially when the shots stop dropping. Bad shot selection from the Bulls doesn't help and something needs to be done on the 3 point shooting defense. Teams come in and get hot from 3 and the Bulls defense can't seem to stop it on that end. The depth of this Bulls team is hurting them but not enough for the bench to lack the scoring as of recently. Bulls bench scored 24 pts (Coby with18 of them) vs the Spurs' bench scoring of 33pts. The starters putting up big numbers to then be undone by no help from the bench seems to be a trending topic as of late.

Player Of The Game

Tough one to judge tonight but I'd say Deebo since it's been a pretty emotional week for him. From facing the Raptors and Spurs to his All-Star starter call up, it must've been a lot for him yet he still gets it done. Another 30+ point game from him and still taking the L must be frustrating for him.

NEXT UP: Bulls go again Sunday at the UC against Portland

-Matt H (Twitter:@matthearn1)

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