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Before I begin, let us pray:

Bears Prayer

Our Papa, who art in Chicago,

Halas be thy name.

Thy trophy come, Superbowl won

Someday as it was in ‘85.

Give us this day our deep-dish pie

And forgive coaches who can’t win,

As we forgive those who root against us.

Lead us not to hibernation

But deliver us from losing.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! But FUCK have these last two games been rough to watch. Where has the defense gone? How long will Fields be out? Should the Bears even suit him up the rest of the season? Will the Lions get a win on Thanksgiving? It sure is starting to feel that way. Let's get into it:

  • Justin Fields leaves in the third quarter against the Ravens, what's gonna happen now?

So initially his injury wasn't anything to worry about but earlier today it was reported that after an MRI was done Fields "suffered a few cracked ribs" but were deemed not major so he can return shortly after rehabbing and resting. But I mean, do we as fans want him to return? I know I sure don't. QB of the future in our hands and we're gonna want him to play the rest of this miserable season? This is probably the only time that I'll shout for Dalton to start especially after the reports that this Thanksgiving game was gonna be Nagy's last. Of course those reports were rejected by basically everyone who could make that decision but it does go to show that that's the feeling around this organization. Fuck starting Fields at this point of the season, he got a lot of good exposure in his rookie year and that should be enough to drive him this off season into next season. Dalton should earn another contract somewhere after playing the rest of this season so now's the time Nagy should be sticking with him as the starter.

  • Mooney is becoming a legit #1 receiver so it's absolutely time to say goodbye to ARob.

Hand up, I wanted the Bears to pay this man at the start of the off season and I'm kinda glad they didn't. Maybe it does go to show that we fans have no idea what a GM actually goes through on a daily....nah fuck that, we know exactly what should be done at all times! Really though, as good as ARob is, his and Fields connection hasn't been there this year though there has been some nice connections between the two but nothing to justify a huge contract from the Bears. He needs to go to a contender who will utilize him properly and if no contract comes from that, at least the possibility of a Super Bowl ring. Mooney has been putting up numbers with Fields as well as Dalton last week and needs to be the focus of this receiving corps for the foreseeable future and beyond. His connection with JuFi (Fields) is solid and he's a speedster with sure hands. Basically a faster ARob with a cheap contract. For now. He's only gonna get better and I'm sure Bears fans are salivating at the potential of this QB/WR connection like I am. Mooney to the Moon!

  • It's starting to feel a lot like the Lions might get their first win this week.

"Never Root For A Bears Loss" and I never will. But, the more they lose the more it seems like Nagy is getting the fuck out of here. We hope. This FO, and honestly more ownership, doesn't fire coaches mid-season and while I respect that it's not like these coaches are gonna starve and be homeless. Nagy is more than likely already being considered for a coordinator position somewhere in the league and that's fine, as long as he leaves Chicago for good. With that being said, it's a huge home game for the Lions on Thanksgiving and man does Dan Campbell's team play hard for him so it's not crazy to think that they wouldn't play just as hard for him today. Sure Nagy has a solid record against the Lions (2-0 on Thanksgiving by the way), but this year feels very different given the fact that he's on a 5 game losing streak, has reportedly lost most of the locker room and has Chicago chanting "Fire Nagy" not only at Bears games but Hawks and Bulls games as well! I want the Bears to kick the shit out of them but I won't be surprised if Dan Campbell is doused with Gatorade and eating some Turkey postgame after a dub against the Bears.

(I know, I'm sorry, I hate being reminded of this too)

I love the Bears and it's always tough to go through a horrible season like this one but I've come to realize that an organization needs these years of mediocrity to emerge as a serious contender in the future and bring home those championships we've been waiting for. Especially with some very promising offensive talent that I personally haven't seen in over a decade rooting for this team.





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