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Bears Gameday Preview vs Steelers

Before I begin my preview, let us pray:

Bears Prayer

Our Papa, who art in Chicago,

Halas be thy name.

Thy trophy come, Superbowl won

Someday as it was in ‘85.

Give us this day our deep-dish pie

And forgive coaches who can’t win,

As we forgive those who root against us.

Lead us not to hibernation

But deliver us from losing.


Alright, here are a few things I’m looking forward to when the Bears play the Steelers Monday night:

  • Can Justin Fields continue to run and pass the ball effectively?

Sure he only passed for 175 yards on 19 completions but he’s much more than a passer and his rushing numbers (103 yds on 10 rushes) clearly show that. And with a tough Pittsburgh pass rush, he might be running out of the pocket a lot more than not in this game. Fields obviously has great chemistry with Mooney and James but he’s gonna need more than those two to be an elite passer because ARob doesn’t seem to have that same relationship with him. The rest of the season will be interesting as far as who Fields trusts and who he doesn’t, that should pimp the front office as to what type of weapons they need to acquire this off-season.

  • If Monty does come back this game after his injury, how will the coaching staff use Herbert?

Khalil Herbert has done a great job as a fill-in for Monty these last couple of games and he has definitely made his case for more touches. He rushed for 100 yards against a Tampa defense that hadn’t allowed a RB to rush for that many yards all season and has 351 yards on the season with 1 rushing TD. Now, Monty is THE guy for the Bears so will they use Herbert as a receiving RB? Or maybe a goal line back? Whatever the case, I hope this RB duo continues to have success the rest of the year because the rush game seems to be the only thing that ever works for the Bears offense.

  • How will the defense respond after basically losing the game against the 49ers?

Aside from the running game, the defense is usually the other part of this Bears team that does not fail but boy did they during last weeks game against the Niners. Now to be fair Mack was out of the game, and will be again this week against the Steelers, but this defense still has Hicks, Smith, Quinn and Johnson to continue the dominance from earlier in the season and to lose against a team whose offense is very much like ours (ineffective) was baffling. Desai has said that they’re not playing to their own standards so maybe the defense will take that and play with a chip on their shoulder against an offense that is putting up good passing numbers. Also, aside from Johnson this secondary is suspect.

I honestly don’t have too much faith left for the rest of the season but as I always say, “Never Root For A Bears Loss”. With that being said, I don’t see the Bears winning this game but you can bet your ass I’ll still be bitching and moaning if they don’t.




- Rick

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