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Bears Bully Glennon’s God-awful Giants

(Chicago Bears: 29 — New York Giants: 3)

Who said the Bears wouldn’t win another game this year? Well, I’m sure more than a few people out there did. But guess what? You’re wrong. Now, I’ve been many types of archetypal Bear’s fans before: the Spiteful Bear’s fan who wants us to lose everything to get better picks. The ‘Bear Down’ Bear’s fan in the bitter cold in the 400 level. The Diehard Stat Magician who, no matter what, thinks, ‘There’s always a chance we can still make it to playoffs!’ But you know what I will always be? Loyal. And a few aspects of today’s game showed me that we still have a few players left showing their late-season loyalty too.

Defensive Highlights:


  • 1ST PLAY BEARS FORCE FUMBLE (14:42 1st - Nichols, taken to goal line).

  • 2 INTERCEPTIONS (11:47 1st Q – Gipson, 3:36 4th Q – Bush).

There were a fair amount of highlights on offense as well, including yet another sound performance from the monster himself, Mr. David Montgomery (22 CAR, 64 YDS, 2 TD), and some great grabs from our righteous rookie D. Mooney (7 REC, 69 YDS, 1TD). Still, when all is said and done, I don’t think this performance culminates in a W without such a superb defensive standoff. Glennon went a measly 4-11 for 24 YDS and 2 INT, holding their leading wide receiver to an embarrassing 12 yards. They were petrified to throw the ball on us, which forced it

to stay glued to the ground, and since we can still run with the best D's at run stops, we were able

to make short work of the Not-So-Giants.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Mike Glennon is absolute trash. I mean pure garbage. And that’s coming from first-person experience as we suffered through some atrocious performances in 2017 when he wore the navy and orange. Still, it doesn’t take an analytics wizard to look at a quarterback’s history and see that year after one-year contracts he was regurgitated by team after team. However, still, we put on a show, and we did it late in the season when a lot of teams opt to just lay down and die, and that’s something I’ve always admired about the Bears and about Chicago and its fans. We will never, ever, stop. You can tell us ad nauseam that this won’t work or to give up on that, and until we’re blue in the face, we will passionately remark our thousand

theories as to why it just... might... work! And today, it worked.

Hats off to Nagy for taking a timeout to honor Quinn and let the fans cheer for his historical moment; I thought that was a pretty big-dog move, and hey, why not win one more for our revenge match against the Vikes next week? I know I believe we can, and that means enough if you do too.

Bear Down, Chicago.

-RM Kamm (IG: @rmkamm.wrote / Twitter: @RM_Kamm)

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